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  • Jennifer Eaton

5 ways to destress after a long work week

No need to celebrate with something high energy. Observe and accept you are tired. Do something fun, simple, and relaxing. Be healthy in your choices. Make your Friday night satisfying that brings you a smile.

Here's some ideas:

1. Have something special planned that is low key and enjoyable.

2. Go out to a relaxing place to eat and reservations booked, if necessary. Meet up with beloved friends, a special someone, or family.

3. Have a simple meal planned that is easy to cook. Try a new recipe or lean on an old favorite.

4. Put on comfy clothes as soon as you get home if you are staying in. Get out of those darn work clothes!

5. Have a movie you are looking forward to picked out. Or have a good ready to read.

Ways I love to spend my Friday nights

1. Stay in and watch a movie.

2. Get take out from a restaurant including a tasty desert! Nothing too heavy. Something satisfying.

3. Curl up on the couch with my husband with a cat on my lap...and yes, usually in comfy clothes.

4. Have candles lit and a fire going in the fireplace.

5. And sometimes when there's enough energy, go out to a restaurant that is a known favorite to us, is quiet. relaxing, and doesn't rush customers.

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