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What do all these services provided cost?

I do not take insurance for a few reasons.  I often get approved for Out of Network benefits (OON), a single case agreement, and often am approved for those with insurance plans that do not have OON due to my specialty of DBT, a rarity in Central Massachusetts.  Many also use health savings plans, have a PPO, or high deductible.  Accepted methods of payments are cash, check, and credit card including health saving accounts.

Many who come to me for DBT are approved by their insurance company due to the high need for DBT and the shortage of actual providers who do DBT to fidelity.  As a certified DBT therapist, I’m even more rare.  A certified DBT therapist means I have completed multiple levels of rigorous assessment to prove knowledge and application of DBT. 

I provide more than insurances pay for and navigating various insurance companies takes away from providing treatment.  To give an example of time and effort to work with insurance, it can take between 2-3 hours unpaid time and can require reapplication from every 6-10 sessions to every year, when lucky. 

I am well trained and very experienced.  I deserve to be compensated at a competitive rate and yet rates are lower than many therapists' self-pay rates without specialties.  I do this out of respect of my clients and financial situations. 

You get high quality service by me, a highly trained specialist.  Of course, I completely understand if this is not an option and will be glad to refer you the best I can. 


Please contact me by email.

Initial intakes for therapy$265

This rate includes a 1.5 hour session.  A second 1.5 hour session may be suggested or will be followed by regularly scheduled 45 to 60 minute sessions.

Initial intake for DBT skills training$125

This is a 1 hour meeting and since DBT skills training is not therapy, the intake assessment is to meet the individual, orient to DBT skills training, give space for questions and answers, to obtain sufficient information to assist during DBT class, and to ensure the class is a good fit. 

DBT individual therapy which includes skills coaching between sessions$175

This includes: a 55 minute to 1 hour weekly sessions and access to therapist for skills coaching between sessions including off hours, weekends, and holidays. 

DBT tends to last a minimum of 1 year for most.  Many recommit to continue working on treatment goals or to work on new goals.

DBT Skills Training Class:  Upon average, between $40-55 per session. 

Please note, price will vary based on length of series. 

This includes: 1.5 hours weekly class, a binder of handouts and worksheets, reference tools to keep, and a supportive learning environment. 

Skills training series are set up to join at the start of each series.  A series means introduction, mindfulness skills and one of the following distress tolerance, emotion regulation, or interpersonal effectiveness.  Active participants get priority over new members.  DBT clients are required to attend all modules and it is highly recommended that individuals to distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness twice which includes mindfulness each time.

CBT individual therapy or or other select individual therapy services$150

This rate includes a 45-50 minute session as scheduled.  Typically the frequency starts on a weekly schedule then tapers down as needed and upon agreement until symptoms are reduced or absent and therapy goal(s) are met.

Family services:  Usually $150/hour

These include all family services except DBT family skills training, parent therapy and/or consultation and parent coaching. 

Family services provided for DBT cases are $175/hour.

Family skills training: $175/hour or $250 for 1.5 hours (recommended)

This includes therapist's preparation and all family members receive binders of handouts, worksheets, and other resources of skills taught. 

When skills coaching is provided in between sessions, rate per session will be $200/hour or 275/1.5 hours.  This does not include parenting coaching.

Evaluations: $275/session, typically includes 2-3 sessions, each at 1.5 hours.

The full evaluation is 1.5 hours for each session, phone interviews with other providers or supports (e.g. therapist, school, psychiatrist), and a full detailed report, which can also be sent directly to the referral source.

Case managementFree upon reason

This includes paperwork and connecting with other providers.

Please note, lengthy phone consultations or discussions with family members may be subject to fee at rate of typical fee per hour.  If this appears necessary, the payment requirement and rate will be discussed prior to the next call.

Attending a meeting like an IEP or interview of state services:  Session rate plus travel.

DBT consultation team with other DBT therapistsFree to clients.

This is 1.5 hour weekly scheduled meeting.

Specialized consultation outside formal team meetingFree to clients.

The time may vary and is scheduled as needed to ensure the best treatment is provided.  This may include an expense for a consultant’s time paid for by therapist or negotiated with client prior to consultation.

Any formal court proceedings

Client’s rate/hour of paperwork preparation.  $350/hour for any interviews, proceedings, and may or may not include travel.

Accepted forms of payment, cash, check, credit card, and health savings card.

Credit card on file is typical to reserve appointment.  It can also allow for easy payment in place of paying per session.  It is used for no shows and late cancels.  Clients can prefer to pay with other methods each session.

Attendance policy related to fee:  The first no show or late cancel is free for the client and full expense lost for me.  The second no show or late cancel is ½ of fee, 50% write off by me.  The 3rd and any appointment afterwards is full fee paid for by client. 

Emergencies happen like serious illness, family emergency, or snow storms. 

Theses by be excused decided on a case-by-case basis. 

Scheduling conflicts, late cancels, no shows by me are free for clients.  A second free session may be offered by therapist pending situation.

Services for professionals including training and consultation along with payments for these services occur through The Bridge Training Institute.


Do you have questions about fees?  Contact me to discuss further.

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