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Professional Trainings and Consultation Services

I specialize in DBT training and consultation. This includes training on suicide prevention and treatment as well as on mindfulness. I am asked to do trainings on teaching coping skills too….people just love DBT skills. Me too!


Training formats include formal training conference settings, agency wide trainings, program specific, schoolwide, specialized school programs and specific departments. I am experienced at creating implementation plans for programs and tailors training and consultation projects to the customer.


I have provided trainings in various levels of care including:

  • Short-term and long-term inpatient psychiatric facilities

  • Acute inpatient programs

  • Community residential programs and agencies

  • Partial hospitalization program/intensive outpatient program

  • Outpatient programs, agency clinicians, and private practitioners

  • Specialized school programs (Tier III) and counseling departments (Tiers I–III)

  • School-wide programs (Tier 1)


I have experience working with state agencies including:

  • Department of Mental Health

  • Department of Youth Services (Massachusetts juvenile justice)

  • Department of Developmental Services

  • Department of Children and Families


Consultation can be provided and structured in multiple ways including:

  • Creating DBT consultation teams by joining as a team lead

  • Consulting with established DBT consultation teams

  • Group supervision for licensed clinicians or multidisciplinary teams

  • Individual supervision

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