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As a licensed mental health counselor, I see myself as a collaborative partner with my clients in services provided.  In all my years as a therapist, I know the relationship is the foundation to therapy.  The best trained therapist doesn’t mean the best therapist for everyone.  I do my best to be my best and work as a team with my clients helping them reach their goals and build a life they want to live with the skills to help them live it. 

As a person, I am direct and compassionate.  I am willing and able to discuss anything my clients need to discuss.  Many clients may shy away from sharing things due to past negative therapy experiences from former therapists or people in general and/or due to feeling shame related to the topic.  I lean in with acceptance and without judgment to discuss these topics.  These qualities often help clients feel comfortable, respected, and able to trust me as a professional.  And although one can experience a variety of emotions in therapy, it is not uncommon to laugh together and enjoy each other. 


As stated, the relationship is key and I enjoy those I work with. 

I’m a human and therapist sitting with a human and client. 

I am the rock for my clients to lean on and their coach when clients need encouragement to keep going.  I hold hope when my client can't carry it.  And together we reach their goals.  My greatest joy is experiencing success with my clients. 

My Philosophy on Treatment Approaches

I believe in staying up on research and knowledge on my specialties so I bring the most current treatment approaches to my clients.  I ensure that I provide treatment as per protocol of the treatment model proven to work as per the updates in research.  Clients deserve the best chance to meet their goals which means respecting the research on the treatment models provided.  Despite this, all strategies are individualized to each person without compromising the treatment model.  “Eclectic approaches” which is a phrase that describes treatment styles by many therapists, means pulling bits and pieces from chosen treatment models.  Although tailored individually in a different manner, clinical outcomes as proven by research may be compromised. 

Additional Services Provided

I am also a clinical trainer and consultant for professionals which can keep me ahead of my peers.  To teach others, I must be current in the training topics.  Most of my trainings to date are on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and mindfulness.  I am capable on training on a variety of topics as DBT is a comprehensive treatment which targets a variety of diagnoses, symptoms, problematic behaviors, and issues.  Please see services provided for more details.

“When everything feels like an uphill struggle,

Just think of the view from the top.”

- Anonymous

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