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Specialties: DBT & CBT

Individual therapy provided is designed based on specialties of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) or Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).  General counseling can be an option of it appears sufficient based on presenting needs and goals.

Specialty therapy is structured based on proven research outcomes with the goal to reach identified goals set in therapy. DBT has between 20 to 30 “randomized control trials” (the gold standard in clinical research and studies continue to be published).  It is excellent in treating a variety of problematic behaviors, severe emotional difficulties, multiple diagnoses, and has a holistic approach.  The treatment is comprehensive to treat individuals who have a complexity of problems, needs, symptoms, and diagnoses. It is often considered once CBT or other short term treatments are exhausted as it is a longer term treatment with a higher level of care.  For more information about DBT as a treatment model, please see the DBT webpage of this website. 

Cognitive Behavior Therapy has been researched long before DBT was developed with research outcomes to support its popularity in the field. It is excellent at treating specific diagnoses and for individuals with more specific presentation of difficulties.  Treatment is more concise and short term.  Although DBT includes CBT techniques, both are very different.  For more information about CBT as a treatment model, please see the CBT webpage of this website.  CBT is a treatment that is structured based on a specific presenting problem or diagnoses. Some examples are CBT for depression or CBT for anxiety, or Cognitive Restructuring for PTSD (CR-PTSD). If CBT is sufficient goals can be reached quickly for an individual to feel resolution.


We’ll work together to target current problems and help reach your goals for therapy.  I approach treatment collaboratively and we work together to assess and consider what is the best approach, strategy, and skills to use.  An evidence based practice, meaning research proving results, is the model to obtain best possible outcomes, then that will be the treatment of choice.  Don’t you deserve the best?

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