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Individual therapy is an intimate and vulnerable experience. It is essential you feel comfortable as you may be sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences you’ve never shared with anyone. Therapy can often feel uncomfortable as conversations might be difficult sometimes. It is important to have a good relationship with a therapist you can trust. I am passionate about the work I do and cherish the relationships I have with my clients. I am honored my clients trust me with their true self.

I am not a therapist who avoids clients just because they are “high-risk.” In fact, I find it my duty to help those who most don’t want to help. If this is your experience, I might be the right clinician for you. I do not terminate care and refer you to another professional because you have BPD, have attempted suicide, thought/think of suicide, engage in self-destructive behaviors other find to be “scary”, etc. I will stick by you unless I find I’m totally out of my element, and clinical consultation isn't helpful. I will not continue to do therapy if I don't think I can be effective. You don't deserve that.

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