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Is DBT the right fit? 

Is Borderline Personality Disorder a possible diagnosis?

Many are referred to DBT without full explanation.  Some might consider DBT without a full understanding of need.  Other therapists might suggest an evaluation to ensure the treatment approach is preferred over another.

Obtaining an evaluation entails 2-3 assessment meetings to obtain information by initial intake form, clinical interviews in session, other standardized assessments to confirm need, and consultation with other providers or support as appropriate.  Upon completion, individuals will receive a comprehensive report suggesting diagnoses, confirming diagnoses, recommending a particular treatment need. 


Psychoeducation will be part of the assessment.  Many find relief in having a neutral clinician confirming a referral from another institution like a short term inpatient unit, a suggestion from a current therapist, or based on one’s own research. The final report can help the therapist with a comprehensive history can help the individual get started with a therapist.

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