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Treatments Proven to Work

Do you feel like emotions control your life?

Does your emotion dysregulation impact your relationships?

Do you engage in unhealthy behaviors to manage your emotions?

Do other healthcare providers find you "overwhelming" or beyond their ability to help?

Are you questioning if therapy would even be helpful or worth doing?

Are you questioning if life as it is current is even worth living?

I want to help you build a life worth living.

I can help you learn how to manage your emotions, relationships, and navigate your life.

Browse this website to learn more. When you are ready, contact me!!!

I am accepting new clients!

I provide DBT, CBT, PE, and general counseling.

New members can join my DBT skills training class in September 2024.

This group is for young adults 18-35 who are in transition in life and want learn new skills to cope with life stressors, intense emotions, and challenging relationships.

Official dates to be released soon. Join the email list to get updates.

Intake sessions will occur the end of August.

I am collecting adults 18+ who are interested in DBT skills training and may be over 30.

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